College basketball players that received an athletic scholarship started the process very early. They began the recruiting process when they were in 9th grade. The communication with the coaches should be continually till the end of high school so coaches can see how they develop.

What We Do

  1. Start the process early
  2. Talk to college coaches
  3. Prepare a starting highlight video (as athlete develops, we prepare more as well full games)
  4. Target the schools we are interested
  5. Guiding athletes to have good grades
  6. Find the school and commit
  7. Prepare all the paperwork with NCAA, NAIA Clearing House as well with College admissions
  8. Preparation of Athleticism and skill development adjusted as it is in U.S athletics
  9. Learn about U.S culture and coaches' mentality

Every year 28,000 scholarships give to basketball colleges. In U.S there are over 1,330 basketball colleges, are you hoping to get a basketball scholarship, then it's important to know all levels of play and their difference terms of recruiting.

As you see we are not alone. Experience, network and connection is all the game.

How many colleges offer Scholarships?
MEN 1.844
  1. 344 NCAA I
  2. 282 NCAA II
  3. 255 NAIA
  4. 560 NJCAA
WOMEN 1.834
  1. 335 NCAA I
  2. 298 NCAA II
  3. 256 NAIA
  4. 519 NJCAA

As per your ability, coaches may be more or less supple with the academic requirements needed to attend their university.

Academic Requirements?

Average Height

men's basketball player is 6'3".

women's basketball player is 5'6'".

Get to know the NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA rules and regulations as well the academic requirements are a must to be eligible to play in college.

Our experience and Networking are a Guarantee for your future as well for a valuable athletic scholarship package.


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