College Rowing athletes that received an athletic scholarship started the process very early. They began the recruiting process when they were in 9th grade. The communication with the coaches should be continually till the end of high school so coaches can see how they develop.

What We Do

  • Start the process early
  • Talk to college coaches
  • Prepare a starting highlight video (as athlete develops, we prepare more videos)
  • Target the schools we are interested
  • Guiding athletes to have good grades
  • Find the school and commit
  • Prepare all the paperwork with NCAA, NAIA Clearing House as well with College admissions
  • Learn about U.S culture and coaches' mentality
Scholarships for Women
Division Level
# of Women’s Scholarships
# of Women’s Teams
Average Team Size
NCAA I 20 88 47
NCAA II 20 16 26
NCAA III 41 26
NAIA 2 16

Women’s rowing is additionally a NCAA ‘equivalency’ sport which implies partial-to-full women’s athletic scholarships are available for you. NCAA Division 1 & 2 schools are each limited to a full scholarship total of 20. Broken into partial scholarships, an average number of women’s college rowing scholarships for a D1 or D2 crew is 39.

Competing a national level have great chance to get arowing scholarship.  College coaches also look sport CV, video, photographs, and advice regarding them.

If you want in your profile to get higher scholarship offer, it is important that you play more nation tournaments in your prior time to starting U.S College. This will show your college coaches that you are able to compete at a high level of scholarship.

Athletes are at the right level then can achieved the rowing scholarships. Level of the Division I for good Rowing athlete's chances to receive full scholarship are relatively high if you know who to contact.

Rowing can offer some of the best scholarship opportunities if you know where to look. Each division level college / school has different amount of scholarships to offer.

Get to know the NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA rules and regulations as well the academic requirements are a must to be eligible to play college rowing scholarship.

Our experience and Networking are a Guarantee for your future as well for a valuable athletic scholarship package.


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